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13 Presidents of the
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Thirteen past presidents of the Arizona Geological Society attended the September 2015 dinner meeting.  Those in attendance included:  Front Row from left to right; Jan Rasmussen (1985), Mark Cocker (2010), Greta Orris (2011), J. David Lowell (1966) and Michael Conway (2015).  Back Row from left to right; Ann Pattison (2007), Kevin Horstman (2009), Eric Seedorff (2004), Jim Briscoe (1987), Alison Jones (2013), Stan Keith (1984), Cori Hoag (1997) and Bob Kamilli (1999).

J. David Lowell Attends
September Dinner Meeting

Karen Wenrich and Bob Cummings getting an autographed copy of Dave Lowell's autobiography

The Arizona Geological Society thanks J. David Lowell for attending the September 1, 2015 dinner meeting, where he autographed copies of his recently published autobiography, Intrepid Explorer:  The Autobiography of the World's Best Mine Finder. 

A native Arizonan, whose family roots date from territorial days, J. David Lowell was raised on a ranch near Nogales, Arizona to become one of the world's most successful exploration geologists.   He received a B.S. degree in Mining Engineering from the University of Arizona in 1949 and a M.S. degree in Geology from Stanford in 1957.

He has personally discovered more copper than anyone in history, contributing to the discoveries of the Kalamazoo, Vekol Hills and Casa Grande West deposits in Arizona, the JA Deposit in British Columbia, the Dizon and Far Southeast deposits in the Philippines, and the La Escondida, Zaldivar and Leonore deposits in Chile.  He is also personally responsible for the discovery of the San Cristobal Au-Ag mine in Chile and the 8-million ounce Pierina gold deposit in Peru. 

Dave Lowell has published more than 50 articles, including one of which he co-authored with John Guilbert in 1970 that defines the Lowell-Guilbert porphyry copper model.   This work remains a standard reference for exploration geologists, today. 

Dave Lowell is also a former member of the Arizona Geological Society and served as its president in 1966.

Dr. William R. Dickinson Passed Away on July 21, 2015

The geosciences community lost a giant on July 21, 2015.  Dr. William (Bill) Dickinson, Professor Emeritus at the University of Arizona, passed away apparently in his sleep, while in his hotel room in Nuku'alofa, Tonga.  Bill was working with archaeologist David Burley and his graduate student on the geology of some archaeological sites in Tonga.

 Bill Dickinson's contributions to the geosciences are legendary.    He was a true pioneer in the field of plate tectonic theory and its implications for geology in the western United States.  As a longtime member of  the Arizona Geological Society, he co-organized the 1981 AGS symposium on “Relations of Tectonics to Ore Deposits in the Southern Cordillera”  the proceedings of which were published as AGS Digest 14.   He also co-edited AGS Digest 18, “Mesozoic Rocks of Southern Arizona and Adjacent Area.”  AGS Digest 22, “Ores and Orogenesis: Circum-Pacific Tectonics, Geologic Evolution, and Ore Deposits” was dedicated in his honor.

 We offer our sincere condolences to Bill's family, friends and colleagues.  Bill was a great teacher, who touched and influenced many.  He will be missed, but his contributions to geology will endure.   May he rest in peace.

Recent Events

From June 14th through the 18th, the Arizona Geological Survey hosted the Association of American State Geologists 107th Annual Conference in Flagstaff, Arizona.  The meeting was a great success with just over 100 professional participants from State Surveys, U.S.G.S., professional societies and other science agencies attending.

Participants of the Association of American State Geologists Conference enjoy a field trip to the
 San Francisco Volcanic Field

The Arizona Geological Survey and Association of American State Geologists thank our friends and colleagues at the Arizona Geological Society for stepping forward to help sponsor this event.

The Arizona Geological Society has 50 new members
from 49 states!  As a part of our sponsorship of the
 107th Association of American State Geologists Annual Conference, we provided one-year free memberships
 to the State Geologists from all states, excluding Arizona.

October 2015 Newsletter

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03 Nov 2015 6:00 PM • Sheraton, 5151 E Grant Rd. (& Rosemont), Tucson AZ 85712
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Student Dinner Sponsor for 2015

Arizona Geological Society is grateful to Freeport-McMoRan, Inc. for their generous support of our student members!

Freeport-McMoRan is sponsoring student dinners for the 2015 AGS monthly meetings.

Update from the Ad Hoc Lindgren Collection Committee by Carl Bowser

The status of the Lindgren collection is being addressed by a small committee of AGS members in collaboration with Mark Barton at the University of Arizona.  The collection comprises rock and mineral specimens collected through the career of Waldmar Lindgren in his 31 years as a USGS geologist and from 1912 until his retirement, as a professor of geology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  The collection of over 10,000 specimens was shipped to Tucson in 2001 with the funding provided by the Arizona Geological Society and the Tucson Gem and Mineral Society.  Stored for over 12 years in a federally owned, weather proofed storage building at the U.S. Department of Agriculture Research Center at the University of Arizona, the AGS has begun to explore the fate of the collection and how best it could suit the needs of the geologic community.

Bruce Walker with an example of a Mineral Specimen
from the Lindgren Collection

A committee comprised of Carl Bowser, Stan Evans, Rachel Feuerbach, Dick Jones, Bob Kamilli, and Bruce Walker recently reported to the AGS Executive committee with suggestions about responsibilities of interested parties, suggested disposition of the collection, and the AGS involvement in bringing the collection to the attention of a larger geologic community.

Critical items that face the committee and AGS are: the establishment of a working relationship with the U of A on the disposition and value of the collection, the need for a formal written agreement with the U of A on potential involvement of AGS in documentation of the collection, establishing the value of the collection to the larger geologic community, and the identification of a timetable for the proposed work and setting of protocols for documentation and making the geologic community aware of the collection. 

The Lindgren committee is strategizing arrangements with the U of A, and setting documentation protocols, provided the collection is deemed valuable enough to initiate the task of detailed cataloging. If and once the AGS working group decides to proceed with the project the help of volunteers with skills, such as, specimen examination and description, photo documentation, database merging techniques, and web development will be needed.

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