Arizona Geological Society

October 2019 - Vanadium Deposits in Arizona by Tony Hammond

September 2019 - Kent J. McGrew presents In-Situ Recovery Basics

August 2019 - Gregory J. Leonard, The Planetary Perils and Economic Promise of Near-Earth Asteroids

June 2019 - Meet and Greet, A Networking Event

May 2019 - Mac Canby, Bootprints in Bear Country: Discovery History and Geology of the Malmyzh Cu-Au porphyry cluster, Khabarovsk krai, Russia

April 2019 - Dan Johnson, Florence Copper: Copper Recovery Using In-situ Leach Technology

March 2019 - Sarah E. Baxter, Treasures of Arizona's Sky Islands:  Geology and Mineral Resources of Coronado National Forest

February 2019 - Jeffrey E. Post, The Hope Diamond and Smithsonian National Gem Collection

January 2019 - John Dilles, Using the Zonation of Trace Metal Geochemistry and Hydrothermal Mineralogy for Porphyry Copper Mineral Exploration

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