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Videos of Presentations at 
   AGS Monthly Meetings

September 2023 - Virginia McLemore (New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources), REE Potential and Origin of the Cambrian-Ordovician Carbonatites and Episyenites in New Mexico, U.S.A.

May 2023 -  Dr. Herv√© Rezeau (University of Arizona), Lithospheric controls on the formation of porphyry copper deposits: What could possibly go wrong? (1 hour & 5 minutes)

March 2023 - Ralph Stegen (Exploration Geologist, Freeport-McMoRan), Magmatism and Characteristics of Hypogene and Supergene Alteration-Mineralization of the Lone Star Porphyry Copper Deposit, Safford District, Arizona (43 minutes)

December 2022 - B. Gootee, L. Thompson, T. Wilson (all from Arizona Geological Society), Dec. 2022, Perspectives on a Carbon Storage Ecosystem Built from Distributed CO2 Sequestration Resources in AZ (1 hour & 10 minutes)

November 2022 - Thomas Ruberto (Arizona State University), Content Learning Outcomes from Geological Virtual Field Trips Can Exceed those from In-Person Field Trips (1 hour & 6 minutes)

October 2022 - Ramon Arrowsmith (Arizona State University), Machine learning, robotic mapping, and particle dynamics for earthquake geology (1 hour)

September 2022 - Tim Marsh (Exploration Geologist Bell Copper), Bell Copper’s Big Sandy Copper Porphyry Discovery (53 minutes)

June 2022 - Dr. Ray Grant (Pinal Geology & Mineral Museum), Mineralogy of Arizona, 4th Edtn. (52 minutes)

May 2022 - K. Constenius and A. Payton (Helium Exploration), Helium Exploration and Exploitation, Holbrook Basin, Arizona (1 hour & 13 minutes)

February 2022 - Presentations by student awardees of AGS Courtright and Allison Scholarships (1 hour & 2 minutes)

Lauren J. Reeher, Understanding Crustal Stress Conditions throughout Geologic Time:  Examples from Laramide on the Colorado Plateau (M. Lee Allison Awardee, 2021)

Eytan B. Orent, Characterization of U(-V) Deposits in the La Sal District, Ut and Co and their Relationship to Paradox Basin Fluid Flow (Courtright Awardee, 2021)

November 2021 - Chris Osterman, The 417 Project: A Native Silver Deposit in Globe, Arizona (49 minutes)

January 2021 - J. Rasmussen & S.B. Keith, Mineral District and Evolution in Arizona – Exploration Potential (47 minutes)

May 2020 - Philip Perrson, The Detroit City Portal: New Chapter in the Story of Sweet Home Mine, Colorado, Rhodochrosite Mining (55 minutes)


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