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December 2015 - Peter Smith, Professor Emeritus, University of Arizona, The Latest News from Mars

November 2015 - Karen Kelley, U. S. Geological Survey, The Giant Concealed Pebble Cu-Au-Mo Porphyry Deposit, Southwest Alaska: Evolution and Exploration Implications

October 2015 - Caleb King,  Ph.D. Student, University of Arizona, Eocene Hydrothermal Systems and Contrasting Hydrothermal Alteration in the Battle Mountain District, Nevada

September 2015 - Carl Bowser, Emeritus Professor - Geosciences, University of Wisconsin, The Genesis of the Kramer Borax Deposit, Rogers Lake, Mojave Desert, CA:  A 50 Year Retrospective

August 2015 - Dan Lynch, Retired Geologist, Volcanoes in the Back Yard

July 2015 - Erik Melcoiorre, Professor, California State University, San Bernardino, The Complex Ceological History Recorded by Arizona Placer Gold Deposits:  Wet-Dry Transitions and In-situ Gold Nugget Formation (the little miners did it!)

June 2015
- Jan Rasmussen, Consulting Geologist, Arizona Mineralization through Geologic Time

May 2015 - Gordon B. Haxel, Scientist Emeritus,  U. S. Geological Survey, Alpine Peridotite in the Desert - Arizona's Laramide Subduction Complex

April 2015
- Third Annual Arizona Geological Society Doug Shakel Memorial Student Poster Event

March 2015 - Harrison H. Schmitt, Apollo 17 Astronaut and Former Senator from New Mexico, A Geological Visit to a Valley on the Moon

February 2015 - Don Yurewicz, ExxonMobil (Retired), Assessing Unconventional (Continuous) Hydrocarbon Resource Plays

January 2015 - Arend Meijer, Retired Consulting Geologist, Sulfide-rich Proterozoic Mafic Rocks and Arizona Porphyry Copper Deposits - A Connection

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