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J. Harold Courtright Scholarship

Harold Courtright had a life-long interest and career in mining and geology in the Cordillera of North and South America. His field mapping skills and exploration expertise led to the discovery of now well known porphyry copper deposits in Arizona and Peru. The scholarship fund, set up after his death in 1986, is designed to promote graduate research in the Cordillera and, while the Society may support exciting studies in any geologic discipline, we do place special emphasis on field geology, economic geology, and the study of ore deposits.

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Robert Hayes

2019 Courtright Scholarship Recipient

Robert Hayes received a M.S., specializing in Geology and Paleobiology, from the University of Leicester, United Kingdom in July 2018.  Currently a second year Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Geosciences at the University of Arizona, he is focusing his research on developing an evolutionary model of the Colorado Plateau for the time period spanning the end of sedimentation in the miogeocline and the formation of the Cordilleran foreland.

This regional study spans the Colorado Plateau, extending into eastern Nevada, corresponding with the aerial extent of the Chinle and Moenkopi Formations.  It involves the firsthand measurement of complete stratigraphic sections throughout the entire succession.  Of particular interest is the grain size distribution, which can be used to back-strip the succession and more accurately map the basin.

Petrographic analysis of thin sections from samples gathered throughout the region will provide basic data on source region heterogeneity across the basin and over time.  Fluvial architecture studies will help provide a better understanding of inherent heterogeneity of the Chinle Formation and how it relates to the evolution of the basin.   Isotopic studies of abundant carbonate and evaporate intervals will further our understanding of how connected the Moenkopi Formation was to the global ocean circulation system, providing both tectonic and palaeoclimatic information.


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