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J. Harold Courtright Scholarship

Harold Courtright had a life-long interest and career in mining and geology in the Cordillera of North and South America. His field mapping skills and exploration expertise led to the discovery of now well known porphyry copper deposits in Arizona and Peru. The scholarship fund, set up after his death in 1986, is designed to promote graduate research in the Cordillera and, while the Society may support exciting studies in any geologic discipline, we do place special emphasis on field geology, economic geology, and the study of ore deposits.

For more details about this scholarship visit our Student Outreach Page.

Eytan Bos Orent

2021 Courtright Scholarship Recipient

Eytan Bos Orent earned his B.S. in Geology from the University of Texas at Austin in 2019 with an undergraduate thesis on stockwork veins from the Grasberg Cu-Au deposit in Papua. Following his time in Texas, he went to the University of Arizona and earned an M.S. in 2021 while studying sandstone-hosted tabular U(-V) deposits in the La Sal district of Utah and Colorado. This work (and more) will be continued as part of his PhD that began in the fall of 2021.

Eytan's doctoral studies will integrate the findings from his Master's with new data that will be generated through mapping at several scales throughout the La Sal area. The field season will begin with alteration mapping at the underground mines in the western end of the district in May 2022. The remainder of the summer will be used for surface alteration mapping in La Sal Creek Canyon to assess how superimposed hydrothermal systems have influenced one another in time and space. The hydrothermal events include at least two styles of bleaching, the U(-V) mineral system, a Cu(-Ag) mineral system, and potentially more. Subsequent analytical work will include petrography to examine relationships between different mineral assemblages, electron microscopy to determine minor and trace elements and how they reflect fluid chemistry, and state of the art geochronological methods to resolve absolute timing of mineral forming/fluid flux events.


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